Cemetery Transcriptions

Cemetery/Graveyard Projects

I’m working on a series of graveyard transcriptions and extractions. It’s just a beginning of what will hopefully become a much larger collection. They will contain photos of the gravestones (taken by me personally), transcriptions of the stones, and as much genealogical information as I can gather on the people buried at those cemeteries. Some will have GPS coordinates as well. Hopefully they will be useful to genealogists working on Maine ancestors. Please read the FAQ and provide additional information or corrections using the contact form below.

List of Cemetery Projects

Annie Hill Cemetery – Manchester, Maine

Black Point Cemetery – Scarborough, Maine

Oak Grove Cemetery – Bangor, Maine

Skillin Cemetery – South Portland, Maine

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q. I’ve been asked more than once: Why not just upload your photos and information to Find A Grave?

A. This is a multi-faceted issue. I have nothing against Find A Grave (or Billiongraves or what have you) and I use it frequently in my research. I just want to have total control over how I handle each cemetery and individual grave that I cover within. I might want to include more or different information for a certain cemetery, or format the information and presentation differently.

I know that many graveyards are already on Find A Grave, and it might seem like duplicated effort. However, I do all my own research, and the information contained on Find A Grave (while often accurate) is frequently not sourced and therefore unreliable in my eyes. I do sometimes check my own gravestone research with Find A Grave and use data I find as starting points for further avenues I have not considered yet.

All of my research product contained in my cemetery projects are fully sourced, so the accuracy of the information can be verified and the reader can decide on the reliability for him or herself.

More often than not, Find A Grave entries contain only a name, birth and/or death dates and sometimes a photo or two. I could contact the manager of each of those pages and provide the information I’ve dug up. But then I’d have no control over whether the manager includes that information or credits it. Here I have complete control.

If you do use my research, please credit my work by name: Jon J. Morin. Try to include a URL to the page or post of the grave used. Everyone likes to get credit for their hard work. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, the ad revenue generated by the traffic to my site just about pays for the domain registration and web hosting (almost!), so it really helps to offset cost and the backlinks help my Google rankings.

Thanks, and enjoy! If you have additional information or corrections, use the contact form below and let me know. I’ll always credit new reliable information. Include your sources! Unless I’m particularly stuck or very interested, I might not have the time to dig around to verify well-meaning but unsourced tips.