Ancestry of Jon J Morin

Jon Morin

Created 15 April 2015 with RootsMagic Genealogy Software

This genealogy is not complete. I am in the process of completely rebuilding a database compiled from 10 years of research, focused on my 4 main grandparent lines: Morin, Poulin, Larabell, and Ryland. You may see names here without dates or places. I have much more information than you see here and I will update the site as often as I can. There is nothing in this genealogy that I cannot back up with sources, and I have a collection of original records, digital record images, photos, books, and personal artifacts that support each fact in this genealogy. You can always contact me if you need data on a specific person or event here. I'm happy to accept corrections, comments, and requests for information. Genealogy is all about sharing, no?

I have made every attempt to protect the identity and personal information of living people.

I also realize that some of the events listed for each person are out of order. This is an unfortunate feature of RootsMagic. It does not seem intuitive to me, but it is my genealogy software of choice, and it's how the reports come out. I have put in a few feature requests to have this behavior changed or at least an option to be available to label or group family and personal events. I apologize for any confusion this causes.