Cemetery Listing – Oak Grove Cemetery – Bangor, Maine

Oak Grove Cemetery, Bangor, Maine cemetery mapOak Grove Cemetery is located on Finson Road in Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine at at Latitude: 44.83488 | Longitude: -68.812204. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger cemetery map, which was obtained here. You can browse the gravestone transcriptions by surname by clicking the alphabetical links below.

Click on a thumbnail in a transcription to see a photo of that gravestone.  A flag icon denotes a U.S. military veteran. These stones were transcribed by myself and the photos are my own, as is any research accompanying the transcriptions. The listing is incomplete at this time. It will be updated frequently.

If you use information from these transcriptions, please cite your source!

ABCDEFGHIJKLM – N – OP – Q – RST – U – VW – X – Y – Z

~ A ~

Abbott, Joseph

Abbott, Joseph Jr

Abbott, Sally

Ames, Catharine

Ames, Charlie J

Ames, David

Ames, Elizabeth Finson

Ames, Emma L

Ames, Eva S

Ames, Harold

Ames, Hattie M

Ames, Isa

Ames, Jonas

Ames, Jonas

Ames, M Isabel

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~ B ~

Bailey, Alice M Murray

Bailey, Angie M

Bailey, Barbara M

Bailey, Doris

Bailey, Eben M

Bailey, Frances

Bailey, Guy P

Bailey, Guy W

Bailey, Marion Vannah

Bailey, Robert M

Ballanger, Ernest M

Ballanger, Gerald E

Ballanger, Marion A

Battey, John D american flag icon

Bean, Dudley

Beede, Barbara C

Bell, Everett R

Bell, Una May Fogg

Bennett, Abbie Cora

Bennett, Lenora J Haynes

Bennett, Lila Sullivan

Betts, Ruth E Thurston Jenkins

Blaisdell, Carrie M

Blaisdell, Charlotte B

Blaisdell, Henry P

Blaisdell, Mary Elizabeth

Blaisdell, Moses P

Blaisdell, Nathaniel

Blaisdell, Rebecca

Blaisdell, Rebecca R

Blaisdell, Susan E

Blaisdell, Susan M

Blaisdell, Walter

Blaisdell, Walter R

Blaisdell, William Jr

Bond, Catharine G

Bond, John B

Boynton, Hannah B

Boynton, Mary Jane

Brackett, Catharine S

Brackett, Catharine S

Brackett, Eliphalet

Brackett, Katie M

Brackett, James

Brackett, Mary

Brackett, Nat E

Brean, Beverly M

Brean, J Marion Ramsdell

Bridgham, Abiah H

Bridgham, Everline P

Bridgham, William L

Brown, Alvin

Brown, Betsey Ann

Brown, Cordelia

Brown, Martha A

Bryce, Frank E

Bryce, Irene O

Bulkley, Aiden A

Bulkley, Chad E

Bulkley, Rebecca K

Burnham, Elbridge

Burnham, Emily J

Burrows, Benjamin

Burrows, Betsey C

Burrows, Ellen Frances

Burrows, Mary

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~ C ~

Caldwell, Benjamin W

Caldwell, Doris A

Caldwell, Edna M

Caldwell, Walter C

Call, Caroline F. Lawry

Call, Carrie F

Call, Ephraim

Call, George W

Call, Helen M

Call, Henry C

Call, William F

Cartland, Joseph L

Cartland, Sally

Cartland, Susan L

Cates, Daniel

Cates, Sarah E

Chalmers, Philip C

Chase, Alex H

Chase, Arthur H

Chase, Cora A Gilman

Chase, Eben H

Chase, Edith M

Chase, Emily C Ham

Chase, Frances M

Chase, Fred L

Chase, Hannah E Fogg

Chase, Harold

Chase, Irvin

Chase, John Colby

Chase, Jonathan

Chase, Lavinia Baston

Chase, Maurice C

Chase, Morton

Chase, Morton L

Chase, Pearl Spragg

Chase, Peter

Chase, Ralph J

Chase, Roland

Chase, Susie J

Chase, Walter A

Clark, Charles B

Clark, Christine E

Clark, Cordelia B

Clark, Emma M

Clark, Leon Oswald

Clark, Leslie A

Clark, Lillian L Lombard

Clark, Robert T

Clark, Webster

Conners, Linwood J

Conners, Lois M Nason

Constantine, Genevieve E

Constantine, Harry J

Constantine, Herbert P

Constantine, Joseph M

Constantine, Joseph M

Constantine, Joshua Richards

Constantine, Kathleen Atwood

Constantine, Manola B Fogg

Constantine, Margaret G Shaughnessy

Constantine, Velva Richards

Constantine, Walter J

Cook, Albert E

Cook, Edith B

Cook, Erban F

Cook, Evelyn A

Cook, Hattie A

Cook, Lionel L

Cook, Mabel C

Cook, Marion L

Cook, Marjorie C

Cook, Mary A Lombard

Cook, Ronald L

Cook, Susie J

Coolidge, Lawrence A

Coolidge, Lawrence P

Coolidge, Pauline L

Coram, Marion C

Costigan, Alwilda McPhailes

Costigan, Charles

Costigan, Daniel

Costigan, Mary E

Costigan, Rhoda

Courtney, Donna D

Courtney, Richard L

Cowing, Emma F Pomeroy

Curtis, Charles

Curtis, Eliza E

Curtis, Horatio E

Curtis, Joseph

Curtis, Joseph M

Curtis, Julia A

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~ D ~

Davis, Ellen M Johnson

Davis, George F

Davis, Ireson P

Davis, Mary G

Davis, Melissa

Davis, Printice D

Davis, William M

Douglas, George A

Douglas, George F

Douglas, Hattie

Douglas, John

Douglas, John H

Douglas, Rilla K

Douglas, Sarah D

Douglas, Sarah E

Drew, Mrs. Betsey

Drew, Charles I

Drew, Isadora

Dwight, Paul H

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~ E ~

Eldridge, Albert S

Eldridge, Barzilla

Eldridge, Helena K

Ellis, David H

Emery, Charlie L

Emery, Charlotte E

Emery, Olive S Blaisdell

Emery, Solomon G

Emery, Solomon H

Eveleth, Andrew

Eveleth, Andrew Jr

Eveleth, Andrew E

Eveleth, Andrew L

Eveleth, Deborah

Eveleth, Evelyn G

Eveleth, Nellie E

Ewer, Eunice

Ewer, John

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~ F ~

Farr, Deborah C

Fifield, Cecelia Anne Campbell

Fifield, Ella B

Fifield, Frederick T

Fifield, Marian L

Finson, Albert C

Finson, Alberto T

Finson, Allie

Finson, Ann Maria C

Finson, Anna

Finson, Anna E

Finson, Bertie

Finson, Charles H

Finson, Clara H Emery

Finson, Eleanor

Finson, Eliza B

Finson, Fesendon

Finson, Fessendon R

Finson, J Maud

Finson, Jabish R

Finson, Julia A

Finson, Laura A

Finson, Martha M

Finson, Rachel R

Finson, Roxanna

Finson, Thomas

Finson, Thomas A

Finson, Sumner J

Finson, Willie M

Fish, Arthur L

Fish, Ezra W

Fish, Lincoln J

Fish, Martha A

Fish, Sarah J

Fogg, Annie M Scripture

Fogg, Arthur S

Fogg, Eben C

Fogg, Elizabeth K Bisset

Fogg, Elizabeth M Scripture

Fogg, Eliza Reed

Fogg, Lizzie E

Fogg, Mary E

Fogg, Nellie C

Fogg, Oliver S

Fogg, Sarah

Fogg, Sylvester D

Fogg, Walter D

Fogg, William H

Force, Davey

Force, Laura N

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~ G ~

Gardner, Albert

Gardner, Blanche N Dwight

Gardner, Elizabeth A

Gardner, George E

Garland, Abigail J Rollins

Garland, Clarence A

Garland, Joseph

Garland, Mary

Garnsey, Benjamin

Gary, Earl Edward

Gary, Jeanette Marie

Gary, Richard Allan

Gilman, Annie L

Gilman, Esther

Gilman, Harry H

Gilman, Henry

Gilman, Jeremiah M

Gilman, Mary

Gilman, Nancy A

Gilman, Ralph T

Gilman, Ruth G

Gilman, Walter H

Glass, Charlotte Blaisdell

Glidden, Charles

Glidden, Orestes Mellen

Goodin, Madeline

Graffam, George B

Graffam, Mary E

Graffam, William L

Graffam, William L, Jr

Graves, Budd H

Graves, Roxene E Taylor

Gruber, Joseph J

Gruber, Ruth L

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~ H ~

Ham, B S

Ham, Ebenezer S

Ham, Enoch L

Ham, Hannah M

Ham, Harriet

Ham, Lois Ann

Ham, Mark

Ham, Mary P

Ham, Rilla

Hamm, Alberto J

Hamm, Annie C Hudson

Hamm, Benjamin

Hamm, Elwyn A

Hamm, Emma L

Hamm, Flora E

Hamm, Florence A

Hamm, Mabel H

Hamm, Mark H

Hamm, Melissa A

Hammond, Gerald E

Hammond, Maud Lacy

Hammond, Priscilla I

Haney, Carrie Mayo

Haney, Thomas C

Hanson, L D

Harnish, Charles H

Harnish, Lilla M Leighton

Harriman, Raymond E american flag icon

Haskell, Rebecca

Hawes, Edgar L

Hawes, Elizabeth C Lewis

Hawes, James Harold

Hawes, James N

Hawes, Lewis Adolph

Hayes, Mary A Hudson

Hazelton, Alphonso

Hazelton, Blendon E

Hazelton, Ellen M

Hazelton, Ellie E

Hazelton, Franklin L

Hazelton, Lillian A

Hazelton, Wesley H

Helson, Nina Sawyer

Hewes, C Albert

Hewes, Josephine C

Hexter, Benjamin R

Hexter, Mary W Stevens

Hexter, Moses

Hilton, Andrew J

Hilton, Jedida Watson

Hilton, Hattie E

Hilton, Orianna E

Hines, Elenor

Hines, Ellen M

Hines, Frances M

Hines, Henry R

Hines, infant

Hines, Jesse

Hines, Jesse F

Hines, Josiah G

Hines, Mary E

Honey, Betsey C

Honey, Frank

Honey, Joseph C

Honey, Lizzie

Honey, Mahala

Honey, William H

Hulley, Florence

Hulley, Harry

Hulley, Harry

Hulley, Melina

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~ I ~

Ivory, George

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~ J ~

Jackson, Benjamin

Jellison, Stella E

Jellison, Theodore A

Johnson, Lena

Johnson, Lewis

Johnson, Ludwig F

Johnson, Ludwig W

Jordan, Aphia

Jordan, Catharine G

Jordan, Elvira A

Jordan, Henry C

Jordan, Herbert D

Jordan, Capt. Joshua

Jordan, Joshua Jr

Jordan, Laura E Winchester

Jordan, Urban L

Jordan, Walter M

Jordan, Warren A

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~ K ~

Kelley, George Arthur

Kelley, Patricia Ann

Kenney, Donald

Kenney, Frederic L

Kenney, Harry L

Kenney, Tracy Lynn

Kincaid, Alice Maude

Kincaid, Anna Morrill

Kincaid, Daniel M

Kincaid, David

Kincaid, David

Kincaid, Ellen

Kincaid, Frank

Kincaid, Georgia

Kincaid, Romalena Burse

Kincaid, Viola

Kincaid, William M

Kingsbury, Anna M

Kingsbury, David O

Kingsbury, Geneva M

Kingsbury, Herbert A

Kingsbury, Robert A

Kingsbury, Willard A

Klatt, C Fred

Klatt, Charles H

Klatt, George H

Klatt, Harriet E

Klatte, Caroline A

Klatte, Sarah J

Klatte, William F

Knowles, Henry W

Knowles, Ida F

Knowles, Isa S

Knowles, Issac

Knowles, Lydia J

Knowles, Oscar F

Knowles, Oscar W

Knowles, Rena J

Knowles, Sephronia P

Knowles, Warren H

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~ L ~

Lacy, Arthur L

Lacy, Ethel May

Lacy, Lavinia A Nason

Lacy, William L

Lawrence, Enoch O

Lawrence, Enoch S

Lawrence, Mildred

Lawrence, Sarah W

Leathers, Audrey L Sullivan

Leathers, Bertha D Fogg

Leathers, Clayton G

Legassie, Alice M

Legassie, Avis A

Legassie, Leon Jr

Legassie, Leon Sr

Legro, Alice Etta

Legro, Betsey D

Legro, Caroline

Legro, David

Legro, Eliza

Legro, Hosea R

Legro, John

Legro, John G

Legro, John Jr

Legro, May E

Legro, Patience

Legro, Samuel

Legro, Susan A

Leighton, Amos C

Leighton, Amos W

Leighton, Ann

Leighton, George

Leland, Frances E

Leland, Oscar F

Leonard, Charles William

Lester, A

Lewis, Blanche G

Libby, Lydia M

Libby, Nancy

Libby, Samuel M

Lombard, Mary Ann Cole

Long, William

Lothrop, Frank

Lothrop, Lulu

Lothrop, Nancy J

Lothrop, Orman F

Lowder, Tammy

Lyford, Albert L

Lyford, Doris W

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~ M ~

Maker, Susan E Sprowl

Maney, Edward P

Maney, Ruby E

Maney, William E

Martin, Viola E

Mauger, Abram Lucas

Maxwell, Blanche M

Maxwell, Horatio W

Mayo, Eddie M

Mayo, Mercy Ray

Mayo, Richard G

Mayo, Virginia M Brooks

Mayo, William K H

McCaslin, Raymond

McCauslin, Geneva M

McCauslin, Judith

McCauslin, Maria Rhoades

McCauslin, Otis W

McCauslin, S Marcelina Piper

McCauslin, William

McGlinchey, Dorothy R Whitehouse

McGlinchey, Joseph F

McPhail, Benjamin

Merrill, Alice L

Merrill, Charles

Merrill,  Elmer L

Merrill, Eunice

Merrill, Joseph R

Merrill, Tamson B

Millett, Barry M

Millett, Freida Smith

Mingo, Lloyd E

Mitchell, Charles T

Mitchell, Clara A

Mitchell, David N

Mitchell, Edward E

Mitchell, Harold

Mitchell, Harry

Mitchell, Helen J Oxley

Mitchell, Herbert W

Mitchell, Shirley A

Mitchell, Warren

Moore, Guy B

Moore, Mary J

Morrill, Abigail Chase

Morrill, George E

Morrill, Grace G

Morrill, Mary C

Morrison, Alden A

Morrison, Edgar Allen

Morrison, Florence P

Morrison, Franck P

Morrison, Frederick A

Morrison, Gladys S

Morrison, Mary C

Morton, Asa C

Morton, Fred C

Morton, Helen M Cates

Mudgett, U G

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~ N ~

Nason, Arthur H

Nason, Clarence W

Nason, Delia

Nason, Doris M

Nason, Ernest W

Nason, Evelyn S

Nason, Fred

Nason, Louis M

Nason, Nellie M

Nason, Ralph W

Nowell, Bessie J

Nowell, Mertie Z

Nowell, Virgil E

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~ O ~

Orsini, Alice F

Oxley, Edmund B

Oxley, Muriel Bubar

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~ P ~

Page, Charlotte M Morrison

Page, Prudence G

Page, Roderic G

Page, Rodney W

Parker, Ada R

Parker, Charles W

Parker, George W

Parlin, Margaret T

Patten, Fred A

Patten, Kate E Tibbetts

Patten, Rilla Ham

Pearce, John Blair

Pederson, Elizabeth I Bailey

Peio, George E

Peio, Mary A

Peio, Roscoe K

Perkins, Charles W

Perkins, Mildred E

Perkins, Judith Smith

Perkins, Ora A Ham

Perkins, Sue Ellen

Perkins, William G

Perry, Charles E

Perry, Mabel L Dennis

Pettengill, John

Pettengill, John F

Pettengill, Maud

Pettengill, Nahum H

Pettengill, Olivia L

Phenix, Harry L

Phillips, George H

Phillips, Everett N

Phillips, Jane R

Phillips, Joseph F

Phillips, Stanley W

Pierce, Cora M

Pomeroy, Edith

Pomeroy, Freddie L

Pomeroy, Henry N

Pomeroy, infant

Pomroy, Bertha I

Porter, Aurissa L

Porter, F Harold

Pratt, Harold Emery

Preble, Marion H

Preble, Prentiss Carl

Prescott, Harry G

Prilay, Edwin F

Prilay, Emma T Morse

Prilay, Ellie

Prilay, Francis

Prilay, Ira A

Prilay, Melville E

Prilay, Sanford E

Prilay, Sarah D

Pulsifer, Annie L Tibbetts

Pulsifer, Charles H

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~ R ~

Ramsdell, Fred H

Ramsdell, Olive A Stevens

Ray, Annie T

Ray, Gideon

Ray, Lebbeus

Ray, Mary

Raymond, Wilford

Raynes, Paige Elizabeth

Rhodes, Maria

Rich, Elvira B

Rich, Martin R

Richardson, Affie

Richardson, Alton A

Richardson, Alton L

Richardson, Anita P

Richardson, Emma C

Richardson, George

Richardson, Marinca E

Richardson, Mark

Richardson, Mary E

Richardson, Mildred L

Richardson, Raymond Earl

Richardson, Willard D

Roberts, Henry C

Roberts, Howard E

Roberts, Mahala S

Robinson, Ann

Robinson, Charles

Robinson, Eleanor G

Robinson, Fannie A

Robinson, Ivan T

Robinson, Mina K

Robinson, Norman O

Robinson, Richard J

Rowe, Marion F Scripture

Rowe, Morris Lewis

Rubin, Lyndsay M Cook

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~ S ~

Saunders, Adelbert J

Saunders, Frances P

Sawyer, Julia A

Sawyer, Lorinda

Sawyer, Luther L

Scripture, Alvin

Scripture, Daisy L Richardson

Scripture, John R

Scripture, Mary A

Scripture, Oliver S

Selzer, Etta Allene Chase

Shepherd, Clarence E

Shorey, Edward A

Shorey, Gardiner I

Shorey, Mildred B

Shorey, Natalie A

Shorey, Virginia L

Simpson, Bertha E

Simpson, Carl H

Simpson, Janie Nowell

Sinnott, Charles

Sinnott, Charles H

Sinnott, Codie

Sinnott, Dellie

Sinnott, Harold

Sinnott, Margaret A

Sinnott, Ruth A

Sinnott, Ruth M

Small, Elmira B

Small, Maurice W

Smiley, Amos N

Smiley, Bertha Morrill

Smiley, Charles A

Smiley, Charles M

Smiley, Fanny

Smiley, Henry O

Smiley, Marjorie

Smiley, Priscilla A

Smith, Clifford B

Smith, David Byron

Smith, Donald Tracy

Smith, Etta Rediker

Smith, Harold David

Smith, Kathryn Faye

Smith, Marion Leathers

Smith, Mildred Drew

Smith, Roger A

Snow, John

Snow, Lovina

Snow, Mary B

Snow, Sarah M

Snow, Woodbury

Soper, Wealthy J

Southard, Lydia M

Spaulding, Milton I

Spaulding, Sarah S

Sprowl, Frank A

Sprowl, Rollo V

Spurling, Clifton B

Staples, Ida M

Staples, William H

Stetson, George A

Stetson, Grace M Bailey

Stevens, Benjamin W

Stevens, Emerline Costigan

Stevens, Martha A

Stevens, Rufus K

Stevens, Sarah C

Stevenson, Abbie May Murphy

Stevenson, Clifford E

Stevenson, Daniel E

Stevenson, Malcolm S

Stevenson, Margaret C McCarthy

Stewart, Gladys I

Stoddard, Walter S

Straw, Mae O

Straw, Mason C

Straw, Olonzo W

Straw, Susan S

Stuart, Harlan L

Stuart, Morry J

Sturgeon, Ethel B

Sturgeon, Francis W

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~ T ~

Taylor, Anna Cora

Taylor, Avis Lowder

Taylor, Wilder

Taylor, William W

Teague, Annah Maria

Thoms, Sarah

Thurston, Addie L

Thurston, Arthur W

Thurston, Carlisle E

Thurston, Lottie A

Thurston, Melvin O

Thurston, Oscar L

Thurston, Ransom L

Thurston, Rossie E Raymond

Thurston, Rossie I

Tibbetts, Alonzo F

Tibbetts, Harry W

Tibbetts, Sarah A Tracy

Till, B Lenora

Toothaker, Anna

Toothaker, Sarah Ann

Tozier, George H

Tozier, Jennie A

Tozier, Nellie B

Tozier, Sarah K

Tracey, Jacqueline M

Travis, Ansel G

Travis, Charles C

Travis, Frances E Clark

Triggs, Freddie A

Triggs, George W

Triggs, Marion

Trueworthy, David Allen

Trueworthy, Mary Ellen

Trueworthy, Robert C

Trueworthy, Walter R

Tyler, Eleanor F

Tyler, Orrin F

Tyler, Sally F

Tyler, Sally Finson

Tyler, Thomas F

Tyler, Thomas S

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~ V ~

Valentine, Martha “Mattie” E Jordan

Van Allen, Henry L american flag icon

Van Wyke, Margaret W

Van Wyke, Nettie

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~ W ~

Wade, James E

Warburton, Helen W Clark

Warburton, M Charles

Ware, Lawrence T

Washburn, Etta L Smith

Washburn, Walter L

Watson, John B

Wattrich, George A american flag icon

Wattrich, Emma E

Webber, Alice L

Webber, Bessie V

Webber, Burt E

Webber, Ernest L

Webber, Joseph M

Webber, Osburne R

Webber, Theodore R

Weldon, Matthew Roy

Weldon, Scott B

West, Laura

Whitcomb, John S

White, George T american flag icon

White, Joanne Mingo

Whitehouse, Charles N

Whitehouse, Edwina R

Whitehouse, George H

Whitehouse, Susie A

Whittle, Frances M

Whittle, John P

Whittle, Parker

Wiley, Claudius S

Wiley, Edwin S

Wiley, Francis M

Wiley, Lona E

Wiley, Mary Elizabeth

Wiley, Mary P

Willey, Kenneth M

Willey, Pauline E Fish

Winchester, Annie M

Winchester, Edith M

Winchester, Herbert F

Winchester, S H

Witham, Daniel

Witham, Freeland H

Witham, Jennie E

Witham, Mary L

Witham, Walter Isaac

Witherly, Louisa J

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~ Y ~

Yonts, Virgil T

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