Margaret T Parlin – Oak Grove Cemetery, Bangor, Maine

Gravestone Inscription

Margaret T. Parlin
1910 – 1997


Walter R Trueworthy and Margaret Parlin gravestone thumbnail

Photo by Jon J. Morin

Note: Margaret T. Parlin was the wife of Walter R. Trueworthy.

GPS Coordinates: Not available for this gravestone.

Graveyard Information: The Oak Grove Cemetery is located on Finson Road in Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine at Latitude: 44.83488 | Longitude: -68.812204. It is a non-denominational cemetery.


1. Oak Grove Cemetery (Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine), Margaret T. Parlin gravestone, personally photographed by Jon J. Morin, 21 May 2015.

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